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The Beam Diagnostics Group (DIG) is primarily engaged in providing tools for continuous monitoring of various characteristics of the electrons and photons beams. In addition to monitoring the beam characteristics, the group is also responsible for fast feedback systems and the electromagnetic design of components, among which sensors and actuators located along the accelerators. Such components, integrated with feedback systems, are aimed at ensuring the stability of the electron beam, keeping it below a predetermined value.

Diagnostics group is also responsible for maintaining and improving the timing systems (or timing) of accelerators and beamlines. Such systems are responsible for generating electrical and optical signals with temporal precision in the order of a few picoseconds.

In summary, the technical activities present in the group are almost always related to state of the art precision electronic instrumentation, programmable logic devices and programming.


Daniel de Oliveira Tavares
Fernando Cambauva Santanna
Gustavo Aylons Bruno
Henrique Aires Silva
Henrique de Oliveira Caiafa Duarte
João Leandro de Brito Neto
Lucas Maziero Russo
Lucas Alves Martins
Sérgio Rodrigo Marques
Vitor Finotti Ferreira

Group Activities

  • Feedbacks
  • Electron/Photon diagnostics
  • BPM electronics hardware
  • BPM electronics firmware/software
  • Timing systems
  • Impedance analysis



Projects related to the Sirius machine.

Timing System

The task of a timing system is provide signals to synchronize devices in the accelerator complex, mainly to control the injection procedure. For details see Timing System page.

Components design / Prototyíng

The electromagnetic design of the Sirius components results from simulations of time and frequency domains and wakefield analysis, aiming the impedance optimization in order to reduce heating and collective instabilities. For details see Electromagnetic Designs section from the Impedance Budget page.

BPM Electronics

  • RF Front-End
  • FMC
  • AMC FMC Carrier

DIG:Beam Position Calculation


Projects related to the UVX machine.


Fast Orbit Feedback System introduction (see FOFB page)