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(for LNLS staff)

  1. The first step when accessing Sirius wiki is always to first log in the system. If you have not done this yet you should do it now. There is a login link at the top right corner at all pages. You should use your username and password of the ABTLUS domain. When logging in remember to check the option to remain logged. This will prevent occurrences of timeouts and prevent loss of editing content . While logged you can read, modify or create system pages according to the privileges set for your account.
  2. It is useful to create a wiki page for you as a system user. Find your name in the users list and click on it to create your page. The content of users pages is free but commonly they have contact information such as telephone numbers, email and office room number. Take a look at other peoples pages to see their contents.
  3. The sidebar on the left has a menu Groups which should contain, as a submenu, the LNLS group to which you belong. Take a look at the pages within it. Edit or create those you think are missing important information about yourself or about your group.
  4. Get help using the Sirius wiki page system. It uses the MediaWiki engine for collaboratively storing pages and files for the Sirius project. The sidebar contains a Help link that redirects the browser to an external Help page at the MediaWiki organization. This page contains basic instructions how to use the system and links to a comprehensive body of documentation pages. A Sirius wiki tutorial page has been written that describes the basic idea behind this system and how MediaWiki elements are to be used for its purposes. You should continue from there.