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RFIntlkCtrl is a protection system controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

General description

RFIntlkCtrl includes a PLC from Rockwell Automation CompactLogix controller series that interfaces multiple signals of the RF plant and the machine for personnel, machine, and equipment protection through I/O (Input/Output) modules connected by push-in spring connections available in the rear panel. It can be controlled remotely or locally through an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) touch screen available in the front panel.

Hardware details

RFIntlkCtrl PLC is the CompactLogix 5380 controller (firmware version 30.011) that has 1MB User Memory and supports local and remote I/O modules. It is powered by a 480W +24V DC power supply.

Locally, there are two DC digital input modules with 16-point each, one DC digital output module, and three analog input modules with 4 channels each that can monitor voltage, current, and temperature through 2-or 3-wire RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors) or 2-wire thermocouples (TC) sensors, all connected in the same backplane.

Two Ethernet ports are available. One port is used for the enterprise-level network that enables access to the CLP memory tags for the EPICS IOC (Input/Output Controller) server. The second port is used to connect to Ethernet/IP adapter nodes with remote I/O modules, one in each SSA Tower, connected in a star topology.

Programs overview

The main functionalities implemented are monitoring of many status signals that include vacuum controllers, motor drivers, and arc detectors, and interlock in case any of these monitored variables are out of defined range, actuating in the output relays to disable Power Supplies and other systems such as LLRF and Machine Protection System (MPS) depending on the circumstances. Its logic is programmed in Ladder Diagram (LD) and runs several tasks sequentially to monitor all variables and interlock. The main task runs periodically to not overload the main processor CPU usage. The LD code can be found at:
\\centaurus\LNLS\Grupos\RF\Sirius DOC_TEC_RF\Sirius_DOC_TEC_RF\Interlock_Rack\Crates\PDF_Programas_CLP

Versions Control

Table:RF-IntlkCtrl version control

The schematic, bill of materials, and all other files related to this crate can be found at:
\\centaurus\LNLS\Grupos\RF\Sirius DOC_TEC_RF\Sirius_DOC_TEC_RF\Interlock_Rack\Crates\Interlock Controller

Devices in use

Table:RF-IntlkCtrl devices

Crate Panels

Figure 2: Interlock controller front panel art.
Figure 3: Interlock controller rear panel art.

Device PVs

Table:RF-IntlkCtrl PVs