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RFIntlkIO is a remote I/O (Input/Output) module that expands the protection system controlled by the main Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controller (RFIntlkCtrl) for each Solid State Amplifier (SSA) Tower.

General description

RFIntlkIO includes an EtherNet/IP Adapter from Rockwell Automation CompactLogix series that provides access to remote I/O modules by the RFIntlkCtrl controller through Ethernet Interface in a local network for interlock system. It is powered by a 240W +24V DC power supply.

There are two DC digital input modules with 16-point each, one DC digital output module, and five analog input modules with 4 channels each that can monitor voltage, current, and temperature through 2-or 3-wire RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors) or 2-wire thermocouples (TC) sensors, all connected in the backplane, for remote monitoring and interlock.

Versions Control

Table:RF-IntlkIO version control

The schematic, bill of materials, and all other files related to this crate can be found at:
\\centaurus\LNLS\Grupos\RF\Sirius DOC_TEC_RF\Sirius_DOC_TEC_RF\Interlock_Rack\Crates\Interlock Compact IO

Devices in use

Table:RF-IntlkIO devices

Crate Panels

Figure 2: Interlock Compact I/O front panel art.
Figure 3: Interlock Compact I/O rear panel art.

Device PVs

Table:RF-IntlkIO PVs