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LLRFDwConv is responsible to down-convert the RF signal from the RF system components (such as cavity pick-up, Solid State Amplifier, Master Oscillator, circulator, and transmission line) to the Intermediate Frequency (IF) signal to be digitized by the main processor.

General description

LLRFDwConv is an 8-channel down-converter that converts RF input signal (500MHz) to IF output signal (20MHz) by mixing with LO signal (480 MHz). Monitoring ports are provided in the Front Panel through SMA connectors. It requires a +5V DC power supply. The simplified diagram with the main components and ports is shown in Fig. 1.

Figure 1: Down Conversion block diagram.

Versions Control

Table 1: RF-RF-LLRFDConvFE version control.
Version Date Description
V1I1 First assembly
V1I2 Changed VLF-530+ Filter position, removed VCavOutDC circuit

The schematic, bill of materials, and all other files related to this crate can be found at:
\\centaurus\LNLS\Grupos\RF\Sirius DOC_TEC_RF\Sirius_DOC_TEC_RF\LLRF_Rack\Crates\LLRF_DownConversion

Devices in use

Table 2: RF-LLRFDConvFE devices.
Device # Version Device Name Location
001 V1I2 RA-RaBO01:RF-LLRFDConvFE-1 Booster LLRF Rack
002 V1I1 RA-RaBO01:RF-LLRFDConvFE-2 Booster LLRF Rack
003 V1I2 RA-RaSIA01:RF-LLRFDConvFE-1 Storage Ring A LLRF Rack
004 V1I2 RA-RaSIA01:RF-LLRFDConvFE-2 Storage Ring A LLRF Rack

Crate Panels

Figure 2: Down Convertion Front End front panel art.
Figure 3: Down Convertion Front End rear panel art.

Device PVs

There are no PVs associated with this device.