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LLRFPreFE is an intermediate device responsible to condition the RF signal from RFPatch to LLRFDwConv.

General description

LLRF Front-end deals with numerous RF signals from different components of the RF plant that has different levels. Therefore, LLRFPreFE adapts RF signal levels to avoid the damage of the front-end by limiting input power through fixed attenuators. Some output ports are protected by a circulator to avoid damage from the reflected power. The simplified diagram with the main components and ports is shown in Fig. 1.

Figure 1: Pre Front End block diagram.

In addition, it has BNC connectors that provide a DC signal from an RF diode that is connected to one of the RF channels for general purpose. For example, it can be connected to an Interlock System for MPS (Machine Protection System). Monitoring ports are provided and they can be connected, for instance, to the RFCalSys for LLRF signals calibration.

Versions Control

Table 1: RF-LLRFPreFE version control.
Version Date Description
V1I1 First assembly
V1I2 Added attenuators

The schematic, bill of materials, and all other files related to this crate can be found at:
\\centaurus\LNLS\Grupos\RF\Sirius DOC_TEC_RF\Sirius_DOC_TEC_RF\LLRF_Rack\Crates\LLRFPreFE

Devices in use

Table 2: RF-LLRFPreFE devices.
Device # Version Device Name Location
001 V1I2 RA-RaBO01:RF-LLRFPreFE-1 Booster LLRF Rack
002 V1I2 RA-RaBO01:RF-LLRFPreFE-2 Booster LLRF Rack
003 V1I2 RA-RaSIA01:RF-LLRFPreFE-1 Storage Ring A LLRF Rack
004 V1I2 RA-RaSIA01:RF-LLRFPreFE-2 Storage Ring A LLRF Rack

Crate Panels

Figure 2: Pre-Frontend front panel art.
Figure 3: Pre-Frontend rear panel art.

Device PVs

There are no PVs associated with this device.