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RFMODistrib is a device responsible to distribute the Master Oscillator (MO) signal from an RF signal generator to several systems for timing synchronization, including LLRF systems of each accelerator (LINAC, Booster, and Storage Ring), timing systems, and the beam orbit feedback systems.

General description

RFMODistrib is an 8-channel device that splits the 500MHz MO signal from an RF signal generator. First, this signal is amplified by Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) from Mini-circuits. Then, it splits by 8, where each output port is protected by a circulator to avoid damage from the reflected power. Each port has approximately 18 dB gain. Input and output forward power monitoring ports are provided in the Front Panel through SMA connectors. The simplified diagram with the main components and ports is shown in Fig. 1.

Versions Control

Table 1: RF-MODistrib version control.
Version Date Description
V1I1 First assembly

Version V1I1 has an AC-to-DC power supply to provide +12V DC for the LNA. Version V2I1 has another AC-to-DC power supply to provide additional +5V DC for additional RF amplifiers in case needed.

The schematic, bill of materials, and all other files related to this crate can be found at:
\\centaurus\LNLS\Grupos\RF\Sirius DOC_TEC_RF\Sirius_DOC_TEC_RF\MO_Rack\Crates\MO Distribution

Devices in use

Table 2: RF-MODistrib devices.
Device # Version Device Name Location
001 V1I1 RA-RaMO:RF-MODistrib Master Oscilator Rack

Crate Panels

Figure 2: MO Distribution front panel art.
Figure 3: MO Distribution rear panel art.

Device PVs

Table:RF-MODistrib PVs